At a press conference today, Tate Britain director Penelope Curtis announced the shortlist for the Turner Prize 2015. Duncan Campbell, Ciara PhillipsJames Richards, and Tris Vonna-Michell are each one step closer to winning the honor this December along with £25,000.

Artinfo points out that the art for each of artists chosen comes "armed with a political agenda." In her announcement, Curtis said that "they are serious works...they are not ‘fun’, but they say something important." It's also important to note that none of the artists are London-based, a fact that one of the judges (Helen Legg) thinks "says something very positive about the ecology of the arts in this country, in non-London cities.”

Last year's Turner Prize winner was Laure Prouvost with her Wantee film installation. After the ceremony, Prouvost told the New York Times that "even if you don't like my work, I think the prize has a power in that way. It creates discussion whether positive or negative."

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[via Artinfo]