Everyone relies on cellphones to tell time these days, but there’s nothing like a good old watch to add some class to your outfits. If you’re going to fill up that empty real estate on your wrist, you might as well do it with a great timepiece rather than the mewelry you bought back in 2012. The choices are endless, but Tsovet has great options in its Swiss Made Automatic Collection.

There are three watches in total, consisting of the SMT-RS40, SMT-FW44 and SMT-LS47 models. Each features an automatic movement with a stainless steel case. Flip the watch over, and the exposed back lets you see how well these watches work. Plus, you can choose from a selection of watchbands to personalize your timepiece. These understated styles will be a nice upgrade if you’ve been rocking that calculator on your wrist you call a watch, and will keep you from checking your phone all day.

Look for these to drop on the TSOVET website