ComplexCon returns to Long Beach Nov. 6 - 7 with hosts J. Balvin and Kristen Noel Crawley, performances by A$AP Rocky and Turnstile, and more shopping and drops.

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Did your mom ever try and make you wear a turtleneck? Yeah, my mom did too. I wasn't ever really having it and would always insist on wearing this Hypercolor joint that changed colors based on your body temperature. THAT HIGH TECH SHIT IS WAY COOLER THAN MAKING ME LOOK LIKE A TINY MITCH MCCONNELL, MOM. But if our moms had time traveled into the future and came back with this SASQUATCHfabrix turtleneck maybe the checkered history of turtlenecks would have been changed forever. GOD MOM, HOW DO YOU NOT HAVE THE ABILITY TO TIME TRAVEL? WTF?