While March was already a very strong month for creative music videos, the ones that dropped in April seriously took things to another level, at least in terms of breadth and experimentation.

Some videos were creative in their examination of music itself, like Jamie xx's video for "Sleep Sound," which showed artist Sofia Mattioli and deaf people from the Manchester Deaf Centre dancing to the song, showing the power of music to affect people in a metaphysical way beyond sound alone. Other videos ruffled critical feathers, like Sky Ferreira's video for "I Blame Myself," which pays tribute to Michael Jackson in Ferreira's hometown of LA. Some initially missed the point and called the video "racist" for having only black dancers supporting her, but there's a lot more depth and meaning to unpack scene to scene.

Beyond being impactful or beautiful alone, there were music videos that technologically wowed us, from Throwing Snow's "The Tempest," which uses CGI and repetitions of two animated dancers, and World's Fair's "Nem Diggas," an interactive web music video that allows you to experience a house party from multiple angles. Per usual, there were also videos that tenderly celebrate youth and highlight growing pains, from Oceaán's "Need U" to Jackson and His Computerband's "Memory."

And lastly, what would awesome, creative music videos be without humor? Get to know these works and the directors behind them in The Most Creative Music Videos of April 2014.

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