I guess White Mountaineering finally OD'd on the patterns and put out these triple needle trousers in a nice, simple dark colorway. Evidently, these are made from a polyester/cotton composite, which makes it sound like it's some sort of weight saving, but extremely durable material used to make F1 race cars and whatever machine Google is designing to conquer the known universe. But, instead, it's just used to make pants that have a "sheen" to them. I never thought I'd be writing about pants with a sheen finish, but here we are. Whenever I think of composite fabrics that have a sheen to them, I think of crazy stain-resistant gear that is advertised right after the Slam Chop at, like, 4:22am. If you buy these pants will you please spill a glass of red wine on them to confirm or deny whether they are in fact similar to stain-resistant infomercial trousers and let me know in the comments? Thanks, fam.