Once upon a time, we sat down with Supreme's Creative Director, Brendon Babenzien, to talk about the iconic label and his own personal style. Now, 2 years later, the haters over at Bysuchandsuch have decided they also would likely to ask Babz a few questions SMFH. Our influence is straight palpable at this point. In this obviously way less dope interview, Brendon talks about his childhood growing up on Long Island and how working at a surf shop as a teenager informed his opinion of the way brands and clothing in general should be approached. As is the obligatory question to ask anyone even remotely connected to menswear, Bysuchandsuch is required to prod Brendon about the difference between fashion and style, in which he expresses his disdain for the trend-based nature of the fashion industry. But, like, dude, you do know who you work for, right? If ever there was a brand that retained its longevity by constantly making people feel inadequate for what they currently own, it's Supreme. That's a compliment by the way.