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Do you already own a pair of 'Giela GATs? OOPS. Margiela's paint covered Converse collab re-ups are way fucking cooler. Don't agree with me? GOOD FOR YOU, EXPRESSING YOUR INDIVIDUALITY AND SHIT. But just so you know, your individuality is fucking lame. The paint on these Chucks and Purcells chips off to reveal colored leather (which you can select ahead of time) underneath. That feature reminds me of those dinosaur eggs made of soap that had the tiny plastic brontosaurus in it that parents used to buy to ensure that their kids actually cleaned themselves. GUESS WHAT, MOMS AND DADS? WE JUST HELD THAT SHIT UNDER REALLY HOT WATER TO BREAK DOWN THE SOAP. I WAS OUT HERE DIRTY AS FUCK WITH MY NEW PIECE OF CRAP BRONTOSAURUS TOY. Don't do that with your new 'Gielas though. Just walk around with your friends. Your super clumsy buddy will consistently walk on your heels and step on your feet, speeding up the aging process as you try your hardest to past slower moving groups of friends on the sidewalk.