Interview and photos by Justin Hogan.

Last month, we got a chance to visit Shepard Fairey's studio in Los Angeles, where he shared the artistic process behind the label he's created for Hennessy V.S. this year. In years past, Os Gemeos, Futura, and KAWS created labels for the company's esteemed artist series, and Fairey's work is a welcomed addition. 

The bottle has the OBEY ICON in the center, referring to the beginnings of Fairey's work in Rhode Island, and a star to signify self-unity. The bottle is almost immediately recognizable as his work through the gold, black, cream, and red color scheme, which coincidentally, have been colors repeated in Hennessy's designs over the years, as well.

Enjoy our interview with Shepard plus photos below of Studio Number One and Subliminal Projects. The Hennessy V.S Limited Edition Bottle by Shepard Fairey is available in July for $32.00 (750 ml) at retailers nationwide and on