Wow, when I said I was seeing a lot of 3/4 sleeves out here I wasn't lying, dawgs. And I'm gonna be honest with you guys at always, I'm not sure how I feel about them. I mean, at first, I was like FUCK YEAH 'cause I generally roll up my regular sleeves to about 3/4 anyway, but then I realized that if you try and wear one of these joints underneath, like, a jacket, it's gonna feel kind of weird. I mean, have you worn a real, actual noragi underneath a jacket or is that some shit you just talk on the Internet? Those short sleeves are annoying as fuck. I guess only real ballers own shirts with season specific sleeve lengths. Regardless of my internal dialogue, I'm gonna go ahead and recommend this Anachronorm shirt. However, I cannot recommend pairing them with whatever JNCO/carpenter jean hybrids Haven's got going on these fit pics though.