Introducing Sad Boy Club. An outlet that serves “as a venue for various goods to help you get through this thing called life.” If that sounds familiar, maybe it’s because Prince and the Minneapolis sound of the ‘80s influence the brand a little bit. But its first installment isn’t just showering you with Purple Rain. It has linked up with R&B streetwear brand and monthly party The Beautiful Ones for more music-inspired tees that will shit on the competition and make them eat flapjacks.

Along with tees inspired by the Purple One, you will find a photo shirt featuring Morris Day, another Minneapolis native and lead singer of The Time. Also included are two tees that feature collage art from Artist Kalen Hollomon. If that isn't enough, there’s also a “Bey Knowles” tee that’s a clever reference to Beyoncé and Nike’s classic Bo Knows ad campaign. So, hurry up and buy these here.