A few days ago, these Rap Shirts for White People came to our attention. Some of them made us chuckle, but others made us kind of question the implications of the message. People's reactions were mixed, and we all thought that'd kind of be the end of that.

However, the designer of the brand recently reached out via Twitter to inform us that 100 percent of profits from Rap Shirts for White People would go to charity. Normally, that's just a nice PR move to counter any flack picked up in the process.

But, if you go cop a shirt, you'll notice that the intended charity for each shirt differs according to the song, lyrics, or artist appropriated by each item. And it's a hilarious twist. 

For example, all profits from the "You's a Fine Venture Capitalist Won't U Back My Startup," an obvious riff on Juvenile's classic "Back That Azz Up," donates all profits to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

The "Bitch Don't Spill My Wine" tee will donate all profits to the Centennial High School Music Department, which calls Kendrick Lamar an alumnus. 

"I Got 99 Problems But Getting a Cab Ain't One" will donate money to the Shawn Carter Scholarship Foundation.

And so on, and so forth.

The intentions may have been muddled by the medium, but it's pretty clear now that, as they expressed in the Tweet, the designer is clearly in this #just4lols, even if people can draw their own interpretations.