There is a certain mix of beauty and sadness that you only see inside old abandoned buildings, but when that building is a 900,000-square-foot hospital built in the late 1930s, an element of horror creeps in that provides for some amazing and slightly unnerving photographs.

Photographer Charles Giraudet got the opportunity to go inside the Coler Goldwater hospital on Roosevelt Island to document the space before it's demolition as a part of Cornell University's "Roosevelt Island Campus Project." According to Curbed, Giraudet took some 15,584 photos inside the sprawling 2,106-bed hospital. Every nurse station, kitchen, corridor, bedroom, and even the morgue was photographed for the collection. The images range from serene and beautiful, to dark and disturbing. It looks like the perfect place to film a horror movie. 

The majority of Giradet's photos are tucked away for now, but he hopes to present them as fully researched project in the future. For now, head to his website to see a portion of what he calls an "autopsy of a hospital." 

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[via Curbed