These Goodhood x R. Newbold tees are pretty dope. I don't know, they're just fucking T-shirts, guys. Not every post is gonna have an amazing intro sentence. In, like, 9th grade I had a teacher that was all about making us write "the perfect paragraph." TALK ABOUT COMPLETE BULLSHIT. I wrote mine about how perfection can never be achieved and this motherfucker kept making me re-write the intro sentence until finally it was acceptable according to his standard. But, you know what? I HAD A DANGLING PARTICIPLE IN THAT BITCH THAT HE MISSED. SUCK IT 9TH GRADE, ENGLISH. I'M OUT HERE BUTCHERING THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE AND SOMEONE IS GIVING ME REAL ACTUAL CURRENCY FOR IT. Go buy these polka dot tees if you see fit.