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We've been hearing about this climate change thing for several years now, and we have seen the effects, but for some reason there are still people who refuse to accept that it exists. Scientists recently discovered that there are six glaciers in Antarctica that are in the "early stages of a huge retreat."

By some predictions, we could see a 12-foot rise in sea levels by the year 2300. To illustrate what that would mean for the world as we know it, Nickolay Lamm (creator of the Lammily doll) collaborated with Climate Central to create the images above of various cities before and after the change. We included a few of the after images above, but you should definitely head to Slate to use the slider images to get a better idea of how drastic the change will be in some areas (sorry, San Francisco). The illustrations are cool but also terrifying. Hopefully Mother Nature hasn't been watching those Hollywood disaster movies...we wouldn't want this to happen any faster than it already is.

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