Are you a Yankee fan who wants to channel your inner cowboy? That question might sound strange, but it is possible to achieve, and even look like you can lasso a few bulls. The New York Yankees will give away straw cowboy hats to the first 25,000 fans when the team faces the Cleveland Indians on Aug. 10. Maybe it's promote a little friendly rivalry, with a Cowboys vs. Indians theme.

Needless to say the hats are terrible. There is nothing that closely resembles the whole cowboy lifestyle in the Big Apple. And the only guy popular for wearing a 10-gallon hat is a fake cowboy in Time Square strumming his guitar while wearing a pair of briefs. But if this is the sort of thing that floats your boat, we’re not stopping you. The game is a couple months away, so until then catch up on your bull riding skills by hitting up a mechanical bull somewhere in the city.

[via Darren Rovell on Twitter]