Filmmaker, illustrator, and fashion photographer Quentin Jones is known for her geometrical compositions, often relying on a cut-and-paste aesthetic. For a new video featuring Miley Cyrus, she chops up images of the twerking queen for a bondage-themed joy ride.

In Tongue Tied Miley appears in black leather with plenty of tongue and covers herself with black paint. She wears masks, and her body appears fragmented—common themes in Jones' work. While the video is filled with sexual imagery—fishnet stockings, black bindings, and a Playboy Bunny collar—it's not so shocking coming from Miley.

The video was put together by Sarah Nicole Prickett, the founding editor of Adult magazine, who makes it clear that even in Tongue Tied, Miley is still a kid. She's only playing the role of a sex symbol.

"It should be clear as ink that Miley Cyrus is no former Disney kid. She’s a forever Disney kid," Prickett writes for Nowness. "60 years after Walt himself collaborated with Salvador Dalí, his phantasmagorical dreams of goofy innocence and erotically charged surrealism have been reanimated."

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