The imaginary worlds of collage artists Maria Rivans and Bonnie and Clyde will soon collide inside the walls of Lawrence Alkin Gallery. This Friday, the London gallery will be transformed into the site of  "Super Vision," an exhibition showcasing the two artists' cut-and-paste creations.

Brighton-based Bonnie and Clyde's voyeuristic works play off snapshots she has taken on trips to places like New York, Los Angeles. Her mixed-media pieces incorporate everything from modern "architecture, signage, iconography to music, film," according to the show's press release. There's a bit of a throwback vibe to her collages, as they depict scenes from 1970s and '80s New York.

Maria Rivans, on the other hand, has assembled a mishmash of vintage images to create surreal pieces that transport viewers to "a surreal and exciting universe." 

Intrigued yet? Stop by "Super Vision" at Lawrence Alkin Gallery if you happen to be in London this Friday. The show opens May 16 and runs through June 7.

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