Lil Wayne has led a storied rap career that many would kill to have even a fraction of. He also, as is the mostly general consensus, fell off of that previously upward path somewhere around 2010. Around that same time, he also grabbed his Trukfit deck and did an ollie right off the fashion cliff, rocking one wild outfit after another. Much in the way that he's back on his rap game, he's also cleaned up his fashion fails considerably if not completely. But with Tha Carter V fast approaching, now's as good a time as any to revisit that strange period where he was all about wild prints, boots most females would turn down and other weird shit, while continuing to bag more women than we could ever fathom. This is Wayne's world, after all, we're just living in it and judging him uselessly. From the memorable to the most WTF, these are Lil Wayne's Most Outrageous Style Moments.

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