SHOWstudio’s collaborative project is about to hit the streets with another heater on its hands. This time Heron Preston was tapped to work on a hybrid turtleneck/T-shirt that borrowed the style from law enforcement workers. As for graphics, this piece furthers Preston’s fascination with font. Past examples include work as a member of Been Trill and its textually heavy designs, to his own logoed out NASCAR tees.

The new collaboration explores something a little heavier and darker. Preston was inspired by the artwork for black metal band Emperor and its use of a 1775 painting titled Death on a Pale Horse.  He combined the Russian words “Flame” and “Wave” in a death metal style font to complete the already sinister visuals of the grim reaper. Reap a few streetwear souls with this menacing tee by visiting the SHOWstudio website on May 6 to purchase.

[via Style]