Climate change is very real. It means stronger storms, rising water levels, and major flooding. Although some former skeptics of global warming are finally coming around to this scary truth, many people still believe that only the world's coastal cities are vulnerable to rising sea levels. To educate people on the reality of global warming, CarbonStory had creative agency BBDO and Proximity Asia design interactive website World Under Water.

The project presents an apocalyptic vision of what the world may look like in a 100 years. It depicts New York, London, Paris, and all the cities you know and love submerged in water. It may be a unsettling sight for some people, which is exactly what the creators intended. The frankness and realism of the project makes the website all the more effective in raising awareness and urging people to take action.

Visitors to the website can also enter any address in the provided search bar to pull up an eerie Google Street View of the specified location under water. Check out the video below for a quick run-down of the project or go to the website to see it for yourself.

[via PSFK]

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