Throughout the sweltering summer months, you're going to have to ditch most of those fancy layers in favor of some minimalist fits, if only for the sake of breathability for your homies down low. As such, you can make sartorial statements elsewhere, like maintaining a fierce print game that consistently sits on at least level five hunna. Nothing less.

Enter Alexia Hentsch and MR PORTER on stage right, with a capsule collection featuring some beautiful Hawaiian-type shirts supported by some minimalist basics. The two short-sleeved button-ups sport a design of a 1940s print of an exploding house mixing in some pink roses whilst the rest of the offerings stay pretty grounded. Take some cues from the collection in styling—a solid shirt or pullover with an appropriate amount of print peaking out via the collar can be the difference between looking like A$AP Rocky and Ace Ventura.

Look for the collection to hit MR PORTER.

[via Selectism]