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Harun began in 2012 with its own signature fragrance oil Harun No. 7. Along the way the brand has worked with Boylston Trading Co. on a line of beaded accessories. After keeping you smelling good and getting your wrists right, Harun has pushed forward and is expanding with a new collection of apparel and hats. Debuting in the Passport Harun Collective shop, the debut drop is titled "Cultrawave" and are now available to the public.

The brand’s eye for cultural references looks to Africa and India for inspiration. The results have brought back indigenous prints told through a modern lens. Graphic tees and 5-panels hats contracted with African Wax Fabrics comprise this debut. If you're in need of a cap that will work with nearly everything else in your wardrobe this summer, go buy one (or two) on the Harun website, and pick up its trademark Attar scent while you're there.