For an exhibition entitled "Daft Punk Deux," Gauntlet Gallery in San Francisco has brought together over 40 artists to contribute original works inspired by the musical robots. Paintings, sculptures, prints, and other works that pay homage to the group's music videos, visual performances, and their costumes will be shown in the gallery space between May 31 and June 24.

Included on the roster of artistic talent is Cuyler Smith, Boneface, Caia Koopman, Jenny Liz Rome, Dave Greco, David Grizzle, Cam Floyd, Chase Tafoya, Chris Koehler, Jeremy Enecio, Craig Drake, David Natale, David Blake, Epyon5 Eric Petersen, Fab Ciraolo, Dan Almasy, Florian Meacci, Greg Bunbury, Jason Liwag, Marie Bergeron, and many more.

Check out the gallery of art from the show above and head to the Gauntlet Gallery website for more information. 

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