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Garrett Leight isn't fooling around when it comes to the eyewear game. Fresh from his work with "athletic" tailor, Waraire Boswell, he's refocused his work onto his spring/summer offering—putting up a number of eye-catching frames that add some simplicity to your summer kit.

There are three options from the L.A.-based brand this season. The Milwood frame is a rounded shape with an understated silhouette. With a wide variety of color options, from matte black to "butterscotch," it's one of the more universally flattering options. If you want to let out your inner Dwayne Wayne, the Milwood also has the option of clip-on lenses.

The thicker Angelus model takes cues from Hollywood in the 50s, representing both the masculine and classic sensibilities of the brand's West Coast roots. The Pacific frame is slightly more delicate, with feminine modeling, and a "zebra acetate with pink sunset mirrored lenses."

Don't get it twisted, basic isn't a bad thing when it comes to eyewear, and Garrett Leight knows that full well. It's going to be a hot summer, so pick up your favorite frames before you miss out.

[via EyeGoodies]