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Although graffiti is not something created to last forever, its memory survives in photographs, texts, and publications like the International Graffiti Times, also known as IG Times.

For those who aren't familiar with the publication, it's a legendary, now defunct grassroots zine founded in 1984 by artist David Schmidlapp. The publication ran for a decade, amassing documents sent in from worldwide street artists. Today, it offers a true-to-life representation of graffiti's glory years.

Now, Gallery 98 has acquired a full run of the publication, with some issues and individual pages available to those who are interested. Many of IG Times' pages were also designed as 17-by-22-inch posters, soon to be displayed in an online exhibition put on by Gallery 98, too. 

It looks like people have been swooping in on the sale, as two IG Times photos from the collection have already sold. Interested in owning a piece of graffiti history? Hurry and hit up Gallery 98.

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