In terms of bringing #menswear to the masses, J.Crew is nigh unstoppable. Details sat down with one of the brand's heavy hitters, Menswear Director Frank Muytjens, to see his space, discuss his work, and hear what inspires him.

Beginning at design school in his native Holland, Muytjens picked up fashion design courses as a requirement to his illustration classes—soon realizing that he had just as much passion for designing clothes as he did illustrating them. Evenutually, Muytjens ended up at Ralph Lauren for seven years before turning over to J.Crew as an outerwear designer, quickly moving up into the position of head of menswear. He's been at J.Crew for almost 10 years.

When speaking on inspiration, Muytjens said, "There's always a sense of inspiration going on in my head. It can be traveling. It can be a book. It can be a movie. It can be a person walking on the street. It can be a fabric meeting. I try not to be in a bubble, I try to always be open." 

As the leading man in J.Crew's menswear department, Muytjens tries to keep the clothes he designs timeless for a guy of any age. "[The J.Crew Guy] likes quality. When he buys something, he wants to buy it as an investment."

This all makes sense, especially coming from the mind behind J.Crew's famed Ludlow suit

[via Details]