Filson has been on an upswing, becoming far greater than the outfitter of your father and grandfather as it quickly establishes its name in the hearts and minds of contemporary guys. The Seattle-based outfitter has opened up a new flagship, right in the heart of New York City's Bowery neighborhood.

Set in the former home of Partners & Spade studio, Filson's first shop is right off Great Jones Street, and the space exudes the outdoorsy, adventurous spirit that the label has embodied for over 100 years. Shelves are stuffed with every type of Filson bag, from the business-inspired briefcase, to the classic field bag. With gear set in side-by-side with Shinola bikes, Mackinaw Cruisers, and a lounge area dominated by leather chairs, the broken-in comfort will extend far beyond the pieces on the racks.

If you're in the area and looking to find some quality heritage gear (including some specialty and exclusive collaborations) head over to the Filson Flagship at 40 Great Jones St.

[via Kempt]