3sixteen beamed us over their S/S 14 lookbook. These dudes always have great fabrics and some unique prints for their collections and, thankfully, S/S 14 isn't any different. That bomber/blouson jacket looks fucking amazing too. Do you guys remember when you bought your first pair of selvedge denim? I do. I thought I'd be able to, like, fall off a motorcycle at a high rate of speed without feeling it because of the super powers inherently present in selvedge denim. But then my dog jumped on my lap and her claw totally scratched me right through my fucking jeans. That's when I realized maybe instead of toughening up my wardrobe, I should toughen up myself. But immediately after that thought I realized that would require things like boxing lessons and blood and sweat and tears and hard work. So now every few seasons I get myself a new tattoo and a dope short sleeve shirt from 3sixteen with a crazy print on it and act like a tough guy greaser outside of my local coffee shop. I'M SO FUCKING INTIMIDATING WHILE ORDERING A FLAT WHITE AND THEIR SIGNATURE LATTE TO GO. No, I don't drank two caffeine drinks at once, I also get one for my buddy. I MAY BE TOUGH AND INTIMIDATING, BUT I'M NOT COMPLETELY THOUGHTLESS. Stay tuned to 3sixteen because their gear always sells out quick.