Legendary street photographers Eriberto and Estevan Oriol share more than just a last name. Both possess a knack for the camera and choose to focus their lens on the grittier side of Los Angeles. 

Estevan began his stint in photography as a member of the Soul Assassins collective, documenting the lives of his crew members for decades. Eriberto, on the other hand, has amassed an internationally recognized portfolio of photographs depicting Latino street life, street art, and graffiti. Some of the elder Oriol's images are even on view in the Museum of Contemporary Art's permanent collection.

Three years ago, we caught up with the father and son when they kicked off their "Like Father, Like Son" exhibition in Culver City, Calif. Since then, the traveling series of photographs has made its way to New York, and now it's returned to the West Coast as a pop up exhibition at Dax Gallery in Costa Mesa, Calif. "Like Father, Like Son" opened at Dax Gallery on May 17. Those interested in checking out the Oriols' photos can head to the gallery now.

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