Breakups are never fun, but having the name or face of your ex-flame permanently etched into your skin makes the split that much worse. Unfortunately, this is a lesson many lovesick puppies learn only after they have done the deed. Therefore, we can hardly blame them for wanting to relieve themselves of their painful reminders.

Apparently, some dudes are so desperate to rid themselves of past mistakes that they've taken some drastic measures, turning their tattoos into something arguably much more terrifying or cruder. While some of these modifications are pretty funny and full of rage—crossing out the name of your last girl and inking the words "my big mistake" below—the others are still pretty cringe-worthy.

What do you think? Would you permanently mark your body with something like this mutilated face above just to rid yourself of a no-longer-desired tattoo?

[via DailyMail]

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