Yup. It could be your turn to design A$AP Mob's merch, and the fall collection for their clothing line. 

The Mob teamed up with Creative Allies for a new contest that allows anyone (designer, fan, etc.) to design new gear representative of the crew and their style. The winner will receive $500 and an A$AP Mob prize pack, and may or may not get a shout-out on a future track. The guidelines are as follows: Stick to the black and white colorway the group is accustomed to, and include "A$AP", or "A$AP Mob", "L.O.R.D.", or "V$VP". It should go without saying that all art has to be original.

A few people have already sent in their designs, which you can check out here to see what you're up against. You have until June 10 to put in work and submit yours online for consideration. 

[via Creativeallies]