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Sure, Dracula's home looks creepy when surrounded by ominous clouds and fog, but the castle is actually quite lovely in real life. More accurately known as Bran Castle, the 12th century fortress is now on the market for a rumored $80 million.

Ever since Bram Stoker published Dracula, Bran Castle has become a popular tourist destination, with bookworms and vampire buffs flocking to visit Count Dracula's fictional humble abode.

Throughout history, Saxons, Hungarians, Teutonic knights, and Vlad the Impaler have lived inside the castle. Later, it became the property of Romania's royal family, was seized by the government in 1958, and eventually fell into the hands of the surviving royal heirs who own the castle today.

These days, however, the owners are getting older. Now, they want to sell the castle to someone who shares their vision and goal of maintaining "the largest and most significant attraction in Romania," they told Telegraph UK

Although moving into Dracula's old home seems kind of extravagant, the place does have some epic views of the surrounding greenery. Dracula's got good taste.


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