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If you haven't heard of Côte et Ciel, it's time you educated yourself on the French travel goods brand.

We'll save you a trip to Google Translate: Côte et Ciel literally translates to "coast and sky," a nod to inspiration pulled from French heritage and geography. The brand is equal parts function and style sourcing a variety of tech fabrics and abstract geometric designs to redefine the standard carryall. The result are products fit for any lifestyle apt anywhere from hiking along the French Riviera (your dream life) or biking across the Brooklyn bridge whilst dodging slow-walking tourists through sheets of rain (your actual life).

No silhouette is more cutting-edge than the Kalix Tote Bag—no, literally, the bag is inspired by the sharp edges of naturally occurring mineral formations. Profiled in the above video directed by Alessandro Tinelli, and available in Feldspath and Granite colors, the Kalix is a sure-fire means to separate yourself from the legions of toss-away totes.

Check out the site here and grab the bag for a cool $195.