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For those who aren't up to speed on their art history, "chiaroscuro" refers to an artist's use of high contrast between light and shadow. It's also an appropriate name for the exhibition opening at Kinz + Tillou Fine Art later today. 

"Chiaroscuro," which will take place at the gallery's recently renovated space in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn, will feature the light and dark works of 17 artists. Kinz + Tillou invited Brooklyn-based artist Mickalene Thomas, curator Renée Riccardo, and SPRING/BREAK Art Show founders Andrew Gori & Ambre Kelly to curate the exhibition. If the star-studded roster of curators is any indication of the quality of the show, "Chiaroscuro" isn't one you want to miss.

See the list of artists here. "Chiaroscuro" opens to the press tonight and will be on display through July 12, 2014.

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