Hey guys, do you work in an office? Or, at least work in an office building in which the entire floor your company occupies has been turned into a weird patchwork of cubes and tables and desks and you just see everyone's heads above their computer screens? Have you ever just wanted to show up to work wearing sweatpants and a hoodie, but your lame ass fukcing boss has stupid ideas about office decorum and dress codes and insists that you wear a shirt with a collar and tuck said shirt into your dress casual slacks? WELL, THANK GOD FOR BETABRAND'S WEST COAST WORKWEAR LINE 'CAUSE NOW YOU CAN WEAR "PINSTRIPE HOODIES" TO THE OFFICE AND YOUR FEMALE COUNTERPARTS CAN WEAR DRESS "DRESS PANT YOGA PANTS." That way, when you show up wearing a hoodie on Monday, your boss can say, "Nice try, bro. That's still a fucking hoodie. I don't give a shit if it's made out of Super 120 wool, you jackass." And, listen, ladies, I'm not tryna tell you what to wear because that's a symptom of the patriarchy, but I'm pretty sure if you work at a company that has an HR department and things like "casual Fridays," yoga pants are not recommended work attire. EVERYONE NEEDS TO QUIT TRYING TO HAVE THEIR CAKE AND EAT IT TOO. Also, just because you call them "dress pant sweatpants" doesn’t mean they're automatically more comfortable than regular dress pants. WHAT KINDS OF SHITTY PANTS DO YOU PEOPLE WEAR? Please don't be the weird office asshole that tries to wear pants so dumb they're actually called "dress pant sweatpants."