Bureo Skateboards' three founding members were united by two things: a passion for boarding and a love for the environment. With some help from designer Gabriella Laruccia and organic recycled skateboard company Satori Movement, they created the first skateboards whose decks are made entirely from recycled fishing nets. Each board requires 30 square feet of fishnet, which means producing these products not only keeps the oceans clean but also contributes to reducing the greenhouse gas footprint.

While the company is based out of Los Angeles, the skateboards are manufactured in Chile. Bureo boards are made using nets acquired via the company’s initiative “Net Positiva,” which is the first fishnet collection and recycling program in Chile. Net Positiva has set up disposal points for Chilean fishermen to drop used and found nets. The project sets an example as an ethically and environmentally conscious business model that not only supports a greener future but also creates local jobs and spurs economic growth.

Bureo plan to start selling their first boards (shaped like minnows) beginning in August for about $145.

For more, check out their website or their Kickstarter page.

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