Nobody likes commuting. Waiting around for public transportation, being squished between all the other commuters, and getting stuck in traffic—everything about it sucks. Fortunately, those in Bristol recently got to experience a fun, stress-free way of traveling through the city.

On May 4, British artist Luke Jerram shut down Bristol's Park Street, turning it into the site of his 300-foot water slide, which he opened to the public. Throughout the day, 370 eager Bristol residents skidded down the soapy installation on inflatable rafts. 

"Bristol was the perfect place to do it because it's big enough to make it work, but it's not so big that arranging it becomes impossibly expensive or complicated," Jerram told The Creators ProjectHe built the crowd-funded Park and Slide installation from sheets of tarpaulin and hay bales. 

"We've managed to make this slide out of everyday items you would find on the shelf," he said. Soon Jerram and his team will create instruction packs so other city-dwellers can enjoy their own water slide too. Watch one woman have a go at the slide:

[via TheCreatorsProject]

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