Popular streewear brand Boy London is in the midst of a controversy over its eagle emblem, which shoppers believe resembles one of Nazi Germany's national symbols. The eagle logo looks strikingly similar to the Parteiadler ensignia—a symbol used by Hitler's Nazi Party. Boy London's logo depicts an eagle holding the letter "O" within the word "Boy," while the Parteiadler symbol features an eagle facing the exact same way as in the Boy London logo, but carrying a swastika in its claws. 

While consumers have urged retailers carrying the brand to take it off of shelves immediately, only a few stores have actually granted their wishes. To address these concerns, Boy London has denied any affiliation with its logo to the Nazi emblem. A spokesperson for the brand recently told Daily Mail that "'The brand is in no way connected to Nazism or the idea of anyone being discriminated against for their creed, colour or religious beliefs." They also noted that the company's logo was actually inspired by the Roman Empire as a sign of decadence and strength, which was also a source of inspiration for Nazi imagery.

[via Daily Mail]