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If you don't own a Levi's trucker jacket I really don't understand what you've been doing with yourself since they day you were born. Instead of further admonishing you and thereby galvanizing you against purchasing a trucker jacket, I'm just gonna move on from your blatant transgressions and talk about the jacket. This particular version is inspired by the Orange Tab jackets of the '70s. Man, I wish I could live in the past. Do you guys ever hear someone real dumb say that shit? Yeah, I mean, I want to live in the past, but not because every guy had "real style" back then or whatever, but because I could become a really wealthy criminal. DO YOU KNOW HOW FUCKING EASY IT WAS TO ROB PEOPLE AND SELL DRUGS AND SMUGGLE THINGS BEFORE THE INTERNET AND CELLPHONES? Criminal opportunity is the one and only reason any human being should ever want to live in a bygone era. Otherwise, I'm just gonna assume when you say something like, "Damn, I wish I could unplug and live like they did," underneath a photo of, like, 1940s dockworkers on Tumblr that you're just a weird racist or misogynist. MOST OF THOSE OLD WHITE DUDES IN BLACK AND WHITE PHOTOS WITH THE ILL RRL LOOKING GEAR ON WOULD BE REAL PISSED THAT YOU'RE FRIENDS WITH MINORITIES.