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Plans for a new apartment complex in Singapore take the luxury of a swimming pool to a whole new level—literally. At the Bishan Residential Development, a 50-meter pool floats 38 stories in the air. 

Designed by international firm Safdie Architects, the Bishan complex is a group of buildings connected by terraces, one of which supports the sky-high pool. The other terraces are filled with outdoor gardens. If these airborne amenities weren't enough, there are also gardens and pools on the ground level.

"The overall mass is porous and open for air and light, with the air to breeze through and the light to penetrate," reads the project's description. "This maximizes views for families and for the community spaces, resulting in a more humane and delicate urban fabric than is usual in the traditional apartment building."

Sound ideal? This luxurious living space is expected to be completed in 2015 and can accommodate 574 apartments.

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