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In case you missed the news last month, a new Banksy piece was found in Bristol that shows a couple sharing an embrace while using their cellphones behind each other's back. There was a bit of drama over ownership between the Broad Plains Boys' Club nearby and the city of Bristol, but Banksy wrote a letter that said that the Boys' Club could keep the piece to do what they feel is right with it. 

Dennis Stinchcombe, the leader of the club, told Daily Mail that he has received offers as high as £1 million (approximately $1.7million dollars) for the art since it has been confirmed as a legit Banksy and because the artist wrote the official letter. Stinchcombe is considering selling the piece at auction, but says that he is "concerned about choosing an appropriate auctioneer and one which is respectful of the work."

Stinchcombe added that he knows that the artist has been "critical" of previous auctions of his work, but he feels that Banksy intended for them to sell so that they could "settle our finances and secure our future over the next few years at least." The club leader plans to have an auctioneer chosen this week.

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