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To those who followed Banksy's month-long residency in New York last fall, it will come as no surprise to learn that the elusive street artist has been recognized as "Webby Person of the Year." 

Officials of the Webby Awards are honoring Banksy for his "Better Out Than In," a project which took place more on the Internet than on city streets. Just Banksy's last Mobile Lovers piece in London did not survive the hands of the public, his New York-based works were all taken down, tagged, and buffed over within hours of discovery. Fortunately and perhaps a conscious move on Banksy's part, the artist documented all of his cheeky stencils and illustrations on the Internet via Instagram, where most of his audience members live.  

The awards ceremony will take place tonight in New York, but it seems unlikely that the anonymous artist will attend. Even if he does, the world will never know.

[via WallStreetJournal]

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