Scottish artist Anya Gallaccio’s work explores the themes of femininity and domesticity, and it considers how objects are contextualized over time. It can also be very tasty.

This summer, the artist will exhibit her installation Stroke at Jupiter Artland, a sculpture garden in Edinburgh, Scotland. Gallaccio will plaster the walls of a display room with chocolate coated cardboard pieces. Visitors are not given any specific instructions about how to interact with the edible walls; they are free to engage with the piece as they choose.

In a previous installation using chocolate, different cultures responded to Gallaccio's work in various ways: Japanese people licked the walls while Londoners were caught scraping off the chocolate.

“The piece is about desire and anticipating more than about really being in the room. It reflects the way we live our lives—so much of that is in our minds. The idea of a chocolate room is one thing and the reality of a chocolate room is something else,” the artist says.

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[via psfk]