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Kanye West and Kim Kardashian's wedding is only days away. So, what does one pack to a very luxe wedding ceremony in Europe? Well, if you're André Leon Talley, your Louis Vuitton monogram luggage might have a Chanel cape (of course), Ralph Lauren Purple Label smoking suit, Ralph Lauren Purple Label pleated dinner shirts, bespoke, and a Balenciaga cape just for good measure. 

ATL, who'll be covering the wedding for Voguesays it's important to have options when packing for a trip. "When I wake up in the morning, I want to be able to switch gears," he explained. "Especially in shirts: I wear special order Purple Label and old tried and true Charvet shirts. My neckties are Hilditch & Key, from Paris. Bowties are Tom Ford.”

He also talked about pulling two Valentino couture caftans from the storage room because he thought Kim K would appreciate them. In short: ATL is coming extremely prepared—grooming essentials and more Ralph Lauren Purple Label than you could imagine—to Kimye's wedding, which he says is important to him and "is a destination, and full of mystery." 

In case you need the full dose of ridiculousness, here's a full list of what Talley is packing: 

Dinner caftans—Valentino Haute Couture, 2007
Chanel cape—red
Balenciaga cape—gray
Smoking suit—Ralph Lauren Purple Label
Charvet—white shirt
Pleated dinner shirts—Ralph Lauren Purple Label
Cufflinks—Prince Dimitri of Yugoslavia
Bespoke shoes—Ralph Lauren
Black tie—Hilditch & Key
Black tie—Ralph Lauren Purple Label
Sandals—Manolo Blahnik
Linen handkerchiefs—Ralph Lauren Purple Label
Linen handkerchiefs—Charvet
New luggage—T. Anthony—brown, two pieces
Rolling Gear hockey gear bags—three, in heavy-duty nylon—The Container Store
Carry-on—Louis Vuitton, Hermès box calf bag

Stay tuned to see what will happen at Kanye and Kim's wedding on Saturday. 

[via Vogue]