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As one of the leading influencers in today's NBA style climate, Amar'e Stoudemire knows a thing or two about personal grooming and appearance. That's why The Art of Shaving tapped the Knicks power forward to partner on the new Lexington Collection, which boasts a superior shaving experience. At the collection's launch event—which included Amar'e hooping on a neon court whilst suited up—we talked with Stat to dig deeper into the relationship between grooming and pro basketball. But we also made sure to ask about LeBron's hairline and have him participate in a celebrity beard-off.

So what’s your grooming ritual before every game?
My pre-game ritual, I mean I take a shower before games, get a haircut before games. From a grooming standpoint that’s pretty much it. After games it’s the same thing, I shower, I make sure I use my facial creams because a lot of sweat accumulates under the goggles.

A-Rod, for example, shaves his arms and legs before every game, you ever do anything like that?
Nah man, I don’t shave my arms and stuff like that. Some guys do, some guys don’t, but it’s not really big in the NBA.

What’s your thought process during those periods where you don’t stay clean-shaven, and you let the hair and beard grow out. Is that like a focus thing during a specific point in the season?
Nah, it’s just whatever you feel man, sometimes you go off what you feel. If you feel like growing your hair out, grow it out. If you feel like cutting everything and keeping it clean, then do that. People have times when they want to go through different looks.

So it’s all mood.
Feel free to express yourself.

What you can you tell us about this new Art of Shaving collection, and how you relate and interact with it.
The Art of Shaving’s new blade is built for you to understand that the razor when shaving goes many different angles. It’s the same as pivoting. You have to be very creative with pivoting, and the razor thye have now is very creative with shaving.

Do you think the Lexington Collection could help LeBron out with his hairline?
[Laughs] That’s funny man. This is not a new hair growth event, man, it’s only about shaving. [Laughs]

Who would you say has the best beard on the Knicks?
You mean before I cut mine? I was the reigning champ for a while, before I went clean-cut, but uh, Tyson Chandler has a great beard.

The full-neck look?
Yeah, absolutely.

I want to do a speed-round beard-off. I name athletes with notable beards and famous people with notable beards and you tell me who has the best.

James Harden vs Tyson Chandler:
Tyson Chandler.

Abraham Lincoln vs Brian Cardinal:
Abraham Lincoln.

Gandalf vs. Udonis Haslem
Who’s Gandalf?

Lord of the Rings
Oh, oh...Udonis Haslem?

Kevin Love vs. Wolverine.