After a long winter of heavy snow and brick temperatures, you might be ready to move to Tahiti or some other paradise. But if you’re just looking for laidback vibes in hopes that the sun will come with it,all you need is Altru’s latest offerings. The L.A.-based brand’s items are so damn hot they tossed them in the pool to cool off.

If you're tired of earth tone colors or all black everything outfits, replace them with these playful patterns and prints from the brand’s summer 2014 collection. Need some trippy tie-dye? You're covered. Looking for some tropical designs? Check out the button-down laced with pineapples. Wanna make a statement? We’re really diggin’ the psychedelic “Live Slow, Die Whenever” joint. Truthfully, these items will make you forget about those shitty days shoveling the snow, and help you prepare for the warm weather ahead. Visit the Altru website to add these easy vibes into your rotation.