The New York Yankees clean-cut "shave or ship out" policy is widely known across baseball, and the players have no choice but to abide by the rules. But according to the New York Daily News, suspended New York Yankees' third basemen Alex Rodriguez used to take the rule even further.

Jose Moises Lopez, A-Rod's barber, says the baseball player shaved his arms and legs before each game. Yup, swimmer style. 

“I don’t know if he shaves his chest or anything more," Lopez told the Daily News. "I’ve never seen above the leg.” The Bronx barber, who also grooms many other Yankees players, even said that he's helped A-Rod shave to help him avoid cutting himself. 

“He always takes the hair off his legs," Lopez explained. "He always cares for himself, it’s better, he feels more hygienic. I started teasing him that he no longer has any hair on his head, and he started teasing me back, saying I could always do his legs."

Swimmers and cyclists shave most if not all their body hair to cut microseconds off their times in very aerodynamic sports, but doing so isn't required in baseball. Besides, ball players are mostly known for being gruff, manly men who spit and scratch more than groom

Rodriguez is currently serving a 162-game suspension that will leave the slugger out of the Yankees lineup for the entire 2014 season. No word if he's still shaving his legs at home.

[via The Daily News]