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Finally, details about Ai Weiwei's exhibition on Alcatraz Island have been released. Arguably the most anticipated show of the year, "@Large: Ai Weiwei on Alcatraz" will see seven original, site-specific installations strewn throughout four spots on the island, For-Site Foundation revealed. The whole idea behind staging the show at the former prison turned national park is to prompt viewers to question the world's current state of human rights. 

Ai's sculpture, sound, and mixed-media works will be lodged in the two-story "New Industries Building where 'privileged' inmates were permitted to work; the main and psychiatric wards of the Hospital; the A Block cells, the only remaining section of the military prison that was constructed in the early 20th century; and the Dining Hall," the "@Large" press release reads. Even California natives who have previously frequented the park will be in for a surprise since only the prison's former Dining Hall has been open to the public in the past. Every other spot is usually off limits.

On view from Sept. 27, 2014 through April 26, 2015, "@Large" will compel viewers to think about the social implications of incarceration—something Ai has explored personally. Tickets go on sale June 27. The package will include admission to the show and an audio tour of Alcatraz, but you'll want to act fast. Tickets will likely sell out quickly.

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