Written by Holly Howe (@Hollytorious)

Hong Kong is a-changing. I lived there briefly five years ago, and from an arts perspective, it has changed rapidly, yet more organically than places like Abu Dhabi, where galleries have seemingly being dumped there en masse. 

With numerous new galleries now open on Hong Kong island, it was only a matter of time for graffiti to hit the streets. It was, of course, always there, but the pieces were far more discrete and hidden away. Now, many of the streets and alleyways that lead off Hollywood Road (a long road filled with galleries and antique shops at its western end) have had their walls decorated by a mix of local artists and visiting ones. 

Here is a selection of some of the works, which includes works by Pure Evil, who visited Hong Kong in April, and D*Face, who currently has an exhibition at Above Second Gallery, which runs until July 6.

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Pictures on Walls: A Look at the Graffiti Scene in Hong Kong