Andy Warhol fans in New York City, rejoice. More Warhol works are coming to the trendiest part of town.

Last Saturday during a celebration of the Andy Warhol Museum's 20th anniversary, director Eric Shiner announced plans to open a branch of the Pittsburgh museum in Manhattan's Lower East Side. Although there are still finalizations to be made, the new branch of the museum is slated to take over a development called Essex Crossing.

Back in September, the city demolished blocks of ramshackle apartment buildings in the area to make room for development. Right now, it remains nothing more than parking lots and chain link fences. Sometime in 2017, however, it will be transformed into the site of more of Warhol's colorful and kitschy creations. Here's a rendering of what the completed project by the Delancey Street Associates will look like.

It's a smart move, considering the number of tourists who flock to New York on any given day.

Establishing a site in New York "is like having a chance to exhibit more of the collection to a wider, more international audience and to encourage more people to come to Pittsburgh to see everything we have as well," Shiner told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

However, the New York branch is meant to be an appetizer of sorts. "New York is the amuse bouche and Pittsburgh is the main course," Shiner added. 

[via PittsburghPostGazette]

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